First entry

It’s time for me to finally write something down on this new blog of mine… Let’s see, what has happened lately?

Second semester examinations were not much easier than the first semester, I should say. EMTH271 was not as unpredictable as last year (Maybe the experience helps), ENCH252 was not like the past years while ENCH202 was not as promised. There was a new question asked in the exam that was not been given earlier in the email but it was alright. The last paper was a real shocker! ENCH253… The day before the paper I finally have a little confidence that Heat and Mass Transfer isn’t that bad… But once I saw the exam paper, oh my. I’m sure I weren’t the only one who felt the same way. Anyways, the results will be out soon, so fingers crossed, everyone. Since examination was over, I’ve been:

  • Cleaning my room
  • Sorting my wardrobe
  • Cleaning the house (serious cleaning I must say) and gardening
  • Sending out more CVs for my practical work and waiting for the companies to get back to me

I went to an interview at Tegel one day. It was a relief that I got the call, so did a friend of mine. We went there together for the interview and it went alright, until the medical guy, Tim saw me and he was concerned about the Department I was put into: Wholebirds. He said that I’m not tall enough. Anyways, he just doesn’t want me to have serious shoulder injuries while doing my work. From the way he said it I had a feeling already that I on’t be offered that job. From what Monique said, she’s only got one place to put me. *sigh* And later in the evening, my friend and I got another phone call from Watties… Hehehe but we told him that we’ll give him a call once we get the news from Tegel. The next day my friend got a call from Tegel and he’s starting on the next day. I was a little worried that Monique didn’t ask for me after talking to my friend like she did when she call us in for interview. Only before 3 p.m. that she called me on my cell phone to give me the bad news, but I saw that one coming. I went to Watties already in the afternoon to set an interview with Chris. Sadly my friend had to accept the offer from Tegel as he’s only doing till before Christmas and there’s no break if working with Watties. My interview and medical went well. Even the conversation between Chris and Rosemary, my referee was okay. Waiting for Chris to call me from Friday, Monday and finally Tuesday, made me feel relieved. I got the job. Yeay!

I must say when I told Mom that I was short, she was surprised… (I said I’m not tall enough for Tegel). I wonder about the shorties in my class, I guess they’ll be even worse! Can’t find a job anywhere! LOLz. Dwarfs. I am considered tall for a girl, even some girls here in New Zealand. Of course, I do wish I’m taller because my darling Ken is more than 180cm. Lolz… I better stop this crap.

Last weekend, I went to get my hair chopped off! I was pretty upset to find out that the hairdresser I normally go to in Bush Inn suddenly disappeared. I wonder if it went bankrupt or moved somewhere but I can’t reach them. So I tried the one in Westfield Riccarton. It was a disaster!!!!!!!!! MY HAIR”S NOW LIKE PINEAPPLE!!!! I went over again to complain and get it fixed (Thanks to the 7-day gurantee) and *sigh* at least it looks better than before but I still hate it. People said it’s nice but it’s just not me. I have a free cut the next time I go there. Odd. I was planning not to go back there, ever again. But the person who fixed my hair was really nice and I will only let her touch my hair from now on. I hope that the other hairdresser who ruined my beautiful haircut will get fired after what she’d done. No one messes with me, especially my precious hair!

Christmas is coming, and I still haven’t find a perfect gift for my darling… Oh dear, what would you like? =) I’m concerned that I might have to work on Christmas Day… but the pay’s double =P I still wish I can spend more time though, before I start work… I’ll be lonely till January once I start my work. I hope I can still attend my Christmas Lunch with my flatmates and enjoy myself. I really do love Christmas (^.^)